Zest Brewery has evolved again to incorporate not only Bar Zest with its fleet of mobile bars, but also now with Zest Ciders – our newly formed cider production arm.

Producing a range of plain and fruit flavoured ciders all loving hand-picked from trees within a 5 mile radius of Grantham including Belton House and Grantham House, these ciders complement our beer range.

Our apple cider called Newton’s Gold is a 4.5% wonderfully bitter-sharp cider and contain apples from Newton’s own tree the Flower of Kent and is available in bottles, whilst our growing range of fruit flavours are available in 3 litre pouch and 10 and 20 litre bag in boxes. As a bi-product of the cider production we also have some apple juice in 75 ml bottles and simply called ‘Juice’.
Check out our brand new cider shop to see what’s in stock and order yours!

Zest Brewery is still producing amazing award-winning ales in bottle, pin and firkin format and also in bag in boxes. Check our beer shop for stock availability. Firkins available in all draught beers.